It is now May 2021, and our school has reopened after being closed for in-person learning for over one year. At this time in San Diego, our Covid-19 infection rates have dropped, the governor has reopened the state, and the vaccine is available for most. As we wrestle with understanding the pandemic and its fallout, our safety in schools, and a new social life after long periods of isolation about 50% of our students have selected in-person instruction. Typically, when meeting remotely our students do creative, computer programming projects but for these in-person sessions, we have elected to do physical, community-based installation art. On this 6th day of class, we explored the public art practice of yarn bombing with assorted textile fibers and ropes. This experience started off as a collection of sculptures but ultimately the group decided to wrap a stop sign pole with their shared colored ropes. Unfortunately, within 24 hours the fiber wrap went missing from the pole.