These projects are interactive and animated top-down perspective designs created by 12th grade students using the Java script library P5.js on the Open Processing platform. This assignment is part of an introductory class for learning computer programming through visual design. Using only basic shapes and colors mixes, students coded a variety of scenes that responded to mouse movements.  In order to animate these environments students also had to think mathematically to manipulate design scales and animation speeds. Click on the links below to experience the projects.

San Francisco Bridge by Samuel Aguirre


Baby Bath by Braden Graves


Dragon in the Sky by Fernanda Ugarte


Tide Pool by Jasmine Salgado


Street by Max Wertheimer


Traffic by Stacy Quintero


Cafe by Allana Maldonado


Art Studio Animation by Eliana Meza-Ehlert


Lake by ADR


Skies by Caitlyn Abragan


Pond by Tia Perdereau


Space Mountain by Aidan Morales


Volcano by Jacob Verduzco


Intersection by Armon Amini