A new life suddenly thrust upon the senior class of 2020 – so close to graduation. Together students and educators scrambled to figure out the final school weeks in a new online format while dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak. Suddenly, curriculum plans were no longer viable as regular school resources, spaces, and systems were unavailable. For our part, we did our best to communicate through Zoom and learn the open-source, computer programming language: p5js (a form of Javascript). Students programmed graphic art, animations, and interactive sketches examining their environments and daily experiences in this uncharted territory. Weekly code doodle themes included: life under quarantine, life in a screen, and a door I would like to open.

Click on the pictures to experience the projects!


Flavia Huerta
My Life in Quarantine 
Instructions: Click the mouse to start, w a s d keys control video game life, and up/down arrow keys control media consumption.








Kayla Splinter
A Door I Would Like to Open
Instructions: This animated project was inspired by Alex Grey. The theme of this project was to code a doorway and I wanted to include spirituality & the higher self, which can be reached through meditation.









Danye Albritton
Reality Check Ahead
Instructions: Click on the yellow sign.









Olivia Madarang
Quarantine: My Home is All I See
Instructions: Click on the doorbell, door, and mat.









Jake Blancas
Quarantine: If My Life was a Game
Instructions: Move Jake with the mouse.









Carina Chan
Social Distancing
Instructions: Hover your mouse over the center of the black circle to make more people social distance; take your mouse off of the center and it will restart (this signifies how important social distancing).









Jackson Ducksworth
A Door I Would Like to Open
Instructions: I was thinking about the boat ride from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and listening to Minimal Man while making this. It’s all about escaping your mind, with a bunch of sliding doors floating through. At the end of the hallway of the mind is a dead end with the text “watch your step” displayed on it. This is meant to represent the creative block that I’ve felt all throughout quarantine. Move your mouse to engage.









Amelia Berry
A Door I Would Like to Open
Instructions: Click the mouse to open and close door, the mouse also controls the weather.









Noah Lau
A Door I Would Like to Open
Instructions: My code shows scenery I wish to see someday. Click the door to view the scenery. Once inside the scenery, move your mouse.









Argelia Contreras
ARGEELAND: My Timeline Until Now
Instructions: Graphic design project. Move your mouse to the end.









Elsa Kurth
My Life as a Game
Instructions: Click for answers.









Midori Greene
Quarantine Hub
Instructions: This animation not interactive but every single line and shape you see was programmed individually.









Natalie Cote
Battle Boys: My Life as a Game
Instructions: Press “i” to move up and press “j” to move down. Avoid the red, collect the blue. Don’t worry about the error message – just close it.









Kayla Splinter
Quarantine: Current State
Instructions: This graphic art isn’t animated but every single line and shape you see was programmed individually.









Flavia Huerta
COVID-19 Safety Guide
Instructions: Click on the Coronavirus icon to change screens and move your mouse where instructed.









Danye Albritton
If My Life was a Game
Instructions: Follow the screen prompts.









Flavia Huerta
Life on the Other Side: Frogger
Instructions: Use arrow keys to move.









Noah Lau
Quarantine Game
Instructions: Click the mouse to start. Refresh the screen to start over.