12th Grade
Computer Programming in the Arts
Margaret Noble

These are interactive, environmental designs created by 12th grade students using the Java based language, Processing.  This is an introductory project for learning computer programming through visual art. Using only basic shapes and colors, students coded a variety of scenes that respond to mouse movements. Their challenge assignment was to created one point perspective using these limited, flat art shapes. In order to animate these environments students also had to think mathematically to manipulate scales and movement speeds. Gif documentation of their code projects is shown below, they may take a minute to load.

Online Exhibition

Due to web constraints, the full interactivity of these projects is not shown.

Created by T.T.

Created by K.W.

Created by R.T.

Created by S.G.

Created by J.R.

Created by D.N.

Created by E.Q.

Created by I.P.

Created by D.A.

Created by T.G.

Created by E.R.

Created by B.T.

Created by G.M.

Created by R.O.