12th Grade
Computer Programming in the Arts
Margaret Noble

These are animated paper collages created by 12th grade students using the computer programming language, Processing. During the project, students explored their relationships with physical materials by using mixed media techniques. Using found objects and paper media – students first photographed and then digitally edited several layers of disparate materials. Once their visual compositions were completed, students then programmed a variety of interactive animations controllable by user input of the mouse and keyboard. Some students opted to remix iconic paintings found in old magazines.

Online Exhibition

Due to web constraints, the full interactivity of these projects is not shown.

Created by N.G.

Created by A.F.
Remix of Woman with a Parasol by Claude Monet

Created by Y.I.
Remix of Late Summer in Sandy Cove by Maud Lewis

Created by G.U.
Remix of Bathers by Georges Pierre Seurat

Created by M.C.

Created by K.Z.

Created by G.D.
Remix of Early Works #25, Self-Portrait by Faith Ringgold

Created by S.K.

Created by S.G.

Created by G.G.