Instructor Margaret Noble

Can you guess the story?

Working as sound designers and story tellers, students created 1-2 minute abstract audio fictions. Students were asked to design vivid and evocative sound narratives without the use of dialogue and students were not allowed to download any online samples. All recordings presented here are 100% original field recordings and compositions made on computer synthesizers. Students mixed their final drafts in Protools. KPBS story here.

Online Exhibition

1. Tag created by T.M. and P.R. –> Listen Here

2. Orchestral Dreams created by N.S. –> Listen Here

3. First Strike created by R.S. and S.S. –> Listen Here

4. Catastrophe created by T.P. –> Listen Here

5. No Lights created by C.A. and J.L. –> Listen Here

6. The Turning Point created C.B. and B.C. –> Listen Here

7. Flatline created C.C. and K.B. –> Listen Here

8. Lighters created by E.B. and V.A. –> Listen Here

9. Pal created by K. G. –> Listen Here

10. SMS created by A.M. and B.B. –> Listen Here

11. Daily Struggle created by M.B. and J.S. –> Listen Here

12. The Ring created by M.M. and A.M. –> Listen Here

13. Cold Feet created by J.A. and N.G. –> Listen Here

14. Creaky Floorboards created by A.F. and E.S. –> Listen Here

15. 3am created by A. C. and M.V. –> Listen Here

16. White Walls created by J.A. and R.D. –> Listen Here

17. The Trip created by M.B. and S.L. –> Listen Here

18. Wink created by A.C. and S.M. –> Listen Here

19. One Bad Day created by A.A. and D.R. –> Listen Here

20. The Wait ¬†created by S.W. and I.D. –> Listen Here

21. Department of Wasted Time created by S.B. and S.S. –> Listen Here

22. The Date created by M.C. and L.T. –> Listen Here

23. Alive created by A.M. and A.G. –> Listen Here