2110 – Environmental Science Fiction Films


These films are a set of work produced by the 12th grade students from the spring semester of 2010.  Their projects are interdisciplinary between environmental science and multimedia. Students were asked to consider the topics of over-population, resource availability, water crisis, global warming and other environmentally related social justice topics. Next, they were asked to consider future possibilities and make predictions of what may come in 100 years. For many, the fun of making futuristic concepts dominated the work. For others, it was challenging to portray the future based on pop science and a limited budget. Often, satire played a role in student realizations. The genres of work varied widely including commercials, animations, PSAs, narrative films and documentaries. Many students played on fears of government intervention while others critiqued consumer apathy. They showcased their work at the Museum of Photographic Arts theater in Balboa park, San Diego.

Below is the collection of their work designed to provoke and inspire discussion. They are organized by genre.

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1. 2110 Future Predictions – Commercials

Films by Monty, Jade, Dagney and Johnathan R.

2. 2110 Future Predictions – Animations

Films by Jacob, Kelvin, Ashley, Joana, Ali S. and Eric W.

3. 2110 Future Predictions – Music Video

Film by Stephen P. and Kevin P.

4. 2110 Future Predictions – Narrative Films

Film by Elmo, Jesus, Kate Lee, Nyachare, Leland and Jonathan A.

5. 2110 Future Predictions – Public Service Announcements

Films by Chandler, Ariana G., Charae and Yaya

6. 2110 Future Predictions – Corporate Concerns

Films by Eric H, Jake N, Jasmine, Vanessa S, Luke, Paul, Diana and Ariel

7. 2110 Future Predictions – Documentaries

Films by Jarrod, Josh J, Stephanie L, Sophie S

A few pictures from the event below:

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